PhotonIC Demonstrates Industry First High-Power (10 W)/Multi-junction 3D-TOF Driver IC with Lumentum’s Flood Illuminator Module

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Shanghai, China, November 12, 2021 – PhotonIC Technologies, a leading analog semiconductor design company, announced the successful demonstration of high performance from an industry first high-power (10 W)/multijunction 3D-TOF driver IC (PHX3D3018) combined with a 10 W multi-junction VCSEL array flood illuminator module from Lumentum (NASDAQ: LITE), a leading provider of innovative 3D sensing components. 

3D-TOF technology has been rapidly adopted into a variety of fast-growing markets, such as mobile face ID, smart home, consumer AR/VR, smart driving, and industrial AI, etc. One particular example would be AIoT, the combination of AI and IoT, which benefits from the massive high-resolution 3D imaging data delivered by 3D TOF solution. With an output power surpassing 10W, this high-resolution/multi-junction driver IC and its TX module are well developed to meet such applications. Specifically, the multi-junction design provides high-peak power and optical density, significantly enhances eye-safety function, which features one of the fundamental requirements for the high-resolution AR/VR users.

Nic Lin, Director and PM of 3D TOF business line at PhotonIC Technologies, commented, “We are seeing the fast growth of 3D-TOF technologies in industrial AI (machine eyes), smart driving, consumer AR/VR, and medical/health markets, and are pleased to collaborate with leading suppliers to serve the rapid deployment of 3D sensing worldwide. We believe our customers can benefit significantly from our technology and how we have applied it to novel integrated circuits serving these markets, which is becoming increasing important as the breath of eye-safety and resolution delivered to the end user is increasing rapidly.”

Ken Huang, Director of Product Line Management, 3D Sensing, said: “Lumentum leverages its large-scale manufacturing expertise to provide best-in-class performance and field-proven VCSEL arrays to the market for highvolume applications, including in the consumer, industrial, and automotive spaces. We are excited to see PhotonIC’s driver ICs enable high-performance illumination solutions for next-generation 3D sensing applications.”

About PHX3D3018: The industry first commercially valuable high-power/multi-junction 3D-TOF driver IC, which is able to operate at 200MHz modulation frequency and output ~10W optical power simultaneously, while maintain < 1ns rise time and fall time of optical waveform, as well as passes Class-1 eye-safety standard. The driver IC die size is only 2mm*1.8mm. It supports both APC (auto-power-control) and ACC (auto-current-control) modes, integrating lots of optical waveform tuning features. PhotonIC provides PHX3D3018 reverence design for customers to easily bring up the 3D-TOF TX design. The product is in mass production starting from Q4/2021 and has been shipping in volume to a major North American customer, for AR/VR, smart home, and industrial AI end-markets.


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